in Kyoto, JapanDecember 11-16, 2023
  1. 25 Nov. 2022
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  5. Dec. 11-16, 2023
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About Conference

The MRM is the international conference launched in 2019 by the Materials Research Society of Japan (MRS-J) for promoting interdisciplinary materials crossing solid state physics, chemistry, materials science, and relevant discipline. It is a platform for high-level discussions on advanced materials research. The first meeting (in person) was held in Yokohama and the second meeting was at the same site as a hybrid due to the COVID-19. Both meetings were successful in scale (~40 symposia and ~1800 attendees) and quality: this success comes from excellent review talks by world-leading scientists, informative contributed presentations, and fruitful discussions on cutting-edge topics that transcended traditional disciplines.

The IUMRS-ICA, on the other hand, is one of the most important serial conferences of the International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) and has been organized annually since 2008 by IUMRS members in Asia. In Japan, IUMRS-ICA was most recently held in Fukuoka in 2014, providing the opportunity for scientists, engineers, and students from not only Asia but around the world to exchange their recent achievements. A large number of researchers and students from across the world attended IUMRS-ICA, which has become a showcase for advanced materials research in Asia.

Under these backgrounds, the 3rd MRM will be held jointly with the historic IUMRS-ICA in Kyoto in 2023 as an international grand meeting (MRM2023/IUMRS-ICA2023) covering a broader range of fields. This is not a simple joint meeting of two conferences, but a large-scale conference (grand meeting) that merges the features of each to create new value. The organizing committee is pleased to invite scientists, engineers and students working in all areas that are connected with the Materials Science and Engineering from all over the world.

Abstract Submission Now Open!

Prospective authors are invited to submit their abstracts for review. The online submission is open until May 31, 2023.


This meeting consists of a meeting plenary session, several clusters, and one themed forum.
Each cluster consists of multiple symposia and will feature three plenary lectures.
The respective symposium provides invited talks, contributed lectures, and posters, focusing on specific topics.

  • Plenary Session
  • Clusters & Symposia
  • Themed Forum