Materials Innovation
for Sustainable Development Goals


Business Lecture


Masayuki Adachi

President & COO of HORIBA, Ltd.

HORIBA’s Measurement and Analysis Solutions to the Mega Trends in the World

Masayuki Adachi, Ph.D. is a president & COO of HORIBA, Ltd., which are leading manufacturer of analytical instruments in Kyoto, Japan. He has been involved in the R&D of automotive test systems for nearly thirty years. His expertise led to the development of emission gas analyzers using novel technologies, now he takes a leading role in a company as well as the R&D of entire HORIBA group companies. During his career at HORIBA, he studied at University of California, Irvine and earned doctorate at Doshisha University, Kyoto in 1999. He has been appointed as Fellow of Society of Automotive Engineers USA since 2014. He has also responsible for as Chairman, Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association since July 2023.